Caixa Mágica took part in the Timbus Kickoff meeting in Zurich, Switzerland at the SAP offices in Regensdorf-Watt. Timbus (Digital Preservation for Timeless Business Processes and Services) is a European Seventh Framework Program Integrating Project that started in April 2011.



 It looks to improve on Digital Preservation of Enterprise Architecture Systems, by taking into consideration the technical complexities, business context awareness as well as the legal implications of timeless business enterprises. The aim of the project is to be able to capture the essential parts of a business process after identifying and categorising them and then to be able to re-run those business processes at a given time in the future. This merges many domains of work, from business/legal/computing/management systems. Some of the 12 partners involved include SAP, Intel, SBA, KIT and from Portugal Caixa Mágica, INESC-ID, LNEC and LIP. Caixa Mágica have a major role, as the WP leader of one of the main technical Work Packages. Pictured from Caixa Mágica are Paulo Trezentos, Mario Romao and John Thomson
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