Last saturday (February 6, 2011) I presented a small talk at FOSDEM about  the usage of Linux Caixa Mágica in the Portuguese Magellan Project.


The goal of the presentation was to show how do we make a Linux Distribution appealing enough to students, parents and teachers to make them choose to boot Linux instead of Windows. The answer is simple enough... You talk with the right people...


With the help of the KDE Team, usability teams, interviews with teachers and students we improved our interface, configuration tools and list of installed applications. With the help of language teams we made sure the spelling and grammar was correct and consistent throughout the entire interface. All of this steps added to a development process that we want to share with all of you to show how it was accomplished, and how we made it a success story.



Here are the slides of the presentation:




And here is the vídeo of the presentation:

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