Using the date of 1.1.11 as a milestone, Caixa Mágica announces one of the
biggest changes since its creation:

Caixa Mágica’s next Linux version - Linux CM 16, due for release in
April 2011 - will be a Debian based system sharing packages with other
Debian derivative distributions like Ubuntu and Mint.

Although there has been a close and rewarding partnership with Mandriva
since 2007, there have been several reasons that have formed this decision.
Firstly, we are aware that we are the leaders in Linux deployments in
Portugal and by listening to our clients and customers we will hope to
maintain this position. The feedback from our users that we have received
over the course of several months is that they would like the benefits of
the Caixa Mágica community, support and research results but also have the
benefits of a large Debian user-base, sharing technology with other
Debian-derivative distributions.
Secondly, the technology resulting from our participation in European and
National research projects can be easily ported to Debian. In fact, adding
new development and features to APT has been one of our major contributions
and we are ambitious to share them with the larger community that uses APT.
Finally, we have worked closely with Debian developers and maintainers in
the research and upstream projects that we have been involved with and we
are inspired by their vision.
Caixa Mágica will continue to work with Mandriva and will support as
planned previous CM versions, namely CM 12, CM 14 and CM 15, with the same
professionalism and guarantees.

This change is part of a broader strategy with goals that will be pursued
over the next five years.
Since 2000, Caixa Mágica Software has been and continues to be one of the
leaders of the Portuguese open source industry, as a Linux distribution,
active R & D participant and as an experienced software consultancy. We
believe that now is the right time to consolidate our local position and to
address global challenges, with special focus on 4 major areas:

  • Networking / mobile communications: provide the best Linux distribution support for network configuration, through the research and development for the European project, ULOOP and also in parallel from our continued development on the Android platform (through global products such as Aptoide and Bazaar)
  • Meta-installers: continue development in enhanced features for APT by integrating support for rollback and intelligent dependency solving in enterprise grade solutions together with our Timbus project partners.
  • Green computing: we believe that Linux has to be ready and actively seek solutions for the energy challenges that our society is facing (power saving, virtualisation, amongst other solutions)
  • Open source consultancy for demanding projects in the global market: provide expertise through the results of our work and by being a dependable and sought after partner for ambitious projects with open source technology. We will continue to develop with a focus in making products for the global market. We will extend our area of expertise to include the "application layer" for middle / large companies but always with a focus and specific investments.

From January 1st, 2011 until December 31st, 2015, you can rely on our
commitment, day by day, hour by hour, to realise this vision. You already
know what has characterised the Caixa Magica team over the last 10 years:
- Intelligent Linux. Efficient Open Source.

Happy 2011. Happy Linux.

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